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Employer Branding

Attracting high-quality hires and earning their loyalty are crucial issues for many companies. And the talent shortage, which will grow worse in the coming years, will make the challenges even tougher.


Why Does Leadership Matter?

For family companies facing a generational transition, leadership takes on crucial importance because the transition coincides with a cultural break (a once-in-30-years leadership change). That’s where the true meaning of leadership comes into play: an attitude grounded in a set of personal qualities, whose focus is on the emotional side of company management.

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Continuity in Family Businesses

In a family company, the first succession is particularly important, because it determines whether the company will outlive its founder. 


Setting up Abroad

The challenge of international expansion comes with compelling growth opportunities for a company seeking to advance and expand, even with an awareness of the risks that such ventures carry. Read more...