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Employees and the Family Firm

First there are the older employees, who in many cases have been with the company since its founding. The founder typically treats them like family. Read more...

Why Does Leadership Matter?

For family companies facing a generational transition, leadership takes on crucial importance because the transition coincides with a cultural break (a once-in-30-years leadership change). That’s where the true meaning of leadership comes into play: an attitude grounded in a set of personal qualities, whose focus is on the emotional side of company management. Read more...

Révélez votre leadership

Révélez votre leadership
Programme de formation personnalisé

Faites émerger votre leadership et vos habiletés de communication.

The Family

The family unit can be a major source of conflict for a family company. On the one hand, the successor for the top job is most likely to be a family member, while on the other hand family members’ interests and objectives can be divergent.