Build. Organize. Transfer.

Have you ever pondered the likelihood that you will outlive your career? Some optimists may be happy with that insight, believing that leisure, free time, travel and the good life are the most important things. But to be able to afford the life you want, now and in the future, you need to know who to plan, and especially ACT, as early as possible.


Saving. As the cornerstone of your financial life, saving allows you to build WEALTH in the short, medium and long term, while also creating a safety net to see you through hard times. Saving is an essential part of a healthy financial life. And if you want to save better, certain strategies are required. That’s where a Lafond chargé d’affaires can advise you, by assessing your financial situation from your income to your liabilities. The goal: to identify your profile as a saver and an investor. Personal insurance is another essential consideration for your future. It’s important to have wise counsel in the intricate world of personal insurance, to make sure you choose the right coverage. After all, these decisions are for life. With their in-depth knowledge of the product offerings of a large number of insurance and investment companies, Lafond’s chargés d’affaires can help you build your wealth.


Like your professional life, your personal life has several phases. They all happen in their good time, but sometimes they cross over and affect one another. From the beginning of your career to retirement, there will be all kinds of life events, both happy – marriage, travel, children – and unfortunate – divorce, sickness, death. All through life’s journey you will face countless legal, taxation and financial questions. What will you do if you do not have a successor to keep your company thriving? If you have a blended family, how will you divide your assets? There are as many scenarios as there are individuals, and getting organized means preparing for anything that could happen. The wealth you are working so hard to build is worth managing with the utmost care. Lafond is here to help you make the hard decisions that will impact your legacy.


Passing down your legacy counts – and it’s also something you can calculate. When you think of your legacy, it’s natural to think of your estate. But that is only the final phase in managing your assets; there are plenty of things to look after in the here and now. And if you’re the head of a company, your estate can take on dimensions far outside the bounds of personal and family matters. Our professionals have the objectivity – and especially the skills – to show you the big picture, make changes and find the right solutions for every phase of your life. They will help you set your priorities and divide your estate fairly. Because business succession is not an end in itself, but an ongoing process, our services also include business succession planning, coaching for company leaders and a wide selection of training programs. These comprehensive management services, available only from Lafond, are all about managing value – from your personal values to your net worth.

One enterprise, five companies. Lafond’s chargés d’affaires

At Lafond Services Financiers, we call our financial security consultants and group investment representatives (through Investia Financial Services) chargés d’affaires. We use the same title for our insurance and group pension consultants at Lafond Avantages Sociaux et Actuariat, and our financial planners, consultants and specialists at Lafond Gestion and Lafond Formation.


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