Three decades of best practices

For more than three decades, Lafond has offered much more than financial services for individuals and companies. Our unique approach gives you a big-picture understanding of your finances and estate, and provides sound advice for every phase of your personal and professional life.

For business clients, our methods are focused on training, coaching and communication. Because we believe that success is not simply about assets and liabilities. Beyond accounting solutions, we believe good company management includes qualitative elements that can’t be understood in numerical terms – there is also the human factor.

Our teams of chargés d’affaires in our five affiliated companies have access to investment and insurance products from the largest Canadian institutions, and they also have the analytical expertise to answer your financial, taxation, legal, and personal and professional management questions.

Our independent chargés d’affaires provide independent advice. They look after your affairs as if they were their own. So it’s with the most important interest in mind – yours – that they recommend custom strategies that will lead you to financial security. Because at Lafond, your success is our success. And that is part of our legacy.



Setting up Abroad

The challenge of international expansion comes with compelling growth opportunities for a company seeking to advance and expand, even with an awareness of the risks that such ventures carry. Read more...