Organizational development: the key to business continuity.

To ensure your company’s continuity, you are “condemned” to make it grow. An we’re committed to guiding you through the various phases of expansion and enabling the professionalization required for growth and, ultimately, for passing the torch to the next generation. Organizational development is part of a series of activities we propose in line with your company’s specific needs, based on a prior assessment, taking into account transition periods and change management.

Here is a partial list of Lafond Gestion’s areas of activity related to organizational development:

  • Strategic review activities
  • Exercises related to the corporate vision, mission and values
  • Identification of the organization’s core values
  • Establishment of processes related to the company’s various components:
  • Organization chart
  • Description of functions
  • Incentive compensation policy
  • Bonus policy
  • Employee manual
  • Financial modelling
  • Team-building activities
  • Problem solving activities
  • Conflict management
  • Others, as appropriate
  • etc.

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The Family

The family unit can be a major source of conflict for a family company. On the one hand, the successor for the top job is most likely to be a family member, while on the other hand family members’ interests and objectives can be divergent.