Effective succession through leadership transfer

Passing down your company and ensuring its future success inevitably entails a transfer of your leadership to your successors. To bring about this phase in an orderly, properly detailed manner, we have developed a succession management process grounded in years of experience and observation.

Among other things, our personalized guidance starts from an assessment of the interest, abilities and character of the individuals you have so carefully selected. As a result, we can assign specific business development projects to your potential successors based on each individual’s strengths, differences, specialties and complementarities, in the process fostering synergies among them.

In addition to producing a successor development plan through our training programs and guidance, we also make sure they fully understand:
  • Your organization’s business model
  • Your management indicators, and if necessary creation of new ones (a project they can be assigned)
  • The challenges they will face as leaders

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